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3 Best Accessories For Your Natural Light Portraits

Setting up a natural light photography composition for your digital SLR camera requires infallible understanding of the way light works for certain details of the portrait. The use of light to highlight or downplay certain details is not enough. You also have to have the correct features set to allow the complete control of adjusting direction, bounce, and intensity of the natural light. If this seems like a tall order, simply mark the list of accessories mentioned below which can surprise you in the way it ups your portrait game drastically.

Before you begin with the feature list though, remember that with natural light portraits the time of the composition is quite vital. You have to hit the golden hour, which is the best intensity for the natural light. You have a soft version of the golden shades of light available this time and it is easier manipulating the light to add dimension to your portrait without harsh shadows intruding in.

Feature accessories that improve natural light photography
Reflectors – Use a reflector kit to help with bouncing the light off your subject or on a contrasting surface to add a soft light or dimension to your subject. The reflector can be positioned in different ways to control the bounce and direction of the light. You can also use bright silver reflectors to add some intensity to your scene, specifically if you are working off a play of light and the natural light is not playing to your satisfaction on its own. Gold sheen reflectors on the other hand, bounce warm light tones on to the frame.
Artificial Light kit -While playing with soft natural light is amazing, too soft an intensity on the light can actually bring down the whole effect of your composition. Portraits do require some highlight and unfortunately, without some sheen or dynamic lighting, it is just not possible to get that detail right. With an artificial light kit though, you can create a world of difference to help the natural light actually dominate your portraiture perfectly. No more flat lighting for that perfect frame it takes you hours to set up just right.
Shoot – Through Umbrellas – These are the perfect feature addition to help you diffuse the natural light to reduce any harsh glares off reflective surfaces within the frame. The only con with the feature is you need another person to hold the umbrella in the right angle and position. As such, this feature is rarely used for any other shots except the close up of the face or the upper body shot off the subject.

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