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A Quick Take On The Nikon D3300 Series

In one word, the Nikon D3300 digital SLR can be described as impressive. It was intended to target the entry-level market for the digital SLR and it has delivered on its promise. The device has a power packed performance backed by a wide range of lenses, accessories, and a sustained battery life. It is also quite easy to handle so new users do not have to flounder when gradually leveling into the digital SLR field. This Nikon DSLR camera has stood strong in the face of the increasing demand for mirrorless cameras on the dint of its strong 24 MP sensor and great value for money.

Sensor – The Nikon D3300 series features a strong sensor resolution of 24.2 MP APS-C. In fact, the series shares this sensor type with the much high end model of the D7200 series, which is a serious bargain or entry-level enthusiasts. They can get the sense and feel of a high caliber sensor right with the first DSLR they try out. The sensor does have a low-pass type filter range that allows crisp image detailing for each photo.

Processing Engine – This Nikon DSLR camera comes packed with the EXPEED 4 engine that transforms the D3300 in to a continuous shooting machine. The device can log in images at 5fps max rate while maintaining a burst rate consistent at 100 HQ jpeg images. With the EXPEED backing its performance the camera can also capture a full HD movie at a decent frame rate range of 50p/60p that with a continued auto focus capability. The built-in microphone aids in complete sound recording during any video capture with the device.

Viewfinder – The viewfinder does not cover a 100% of field view. This is quite common for most of the competitive DSLR devices within this range. However, this is one of the few points where the D3300 probably comes up short. Users have to be aware of this feature when framing compositions to ensure that the final image does not have a few elements in the background, which were not covered with thin image set up.

Special effects – The D3300 has a list of 13 new special effects allowed for users, which include the color saturation control, toy camera, and retro effect creation. The ‘Easy Panorama’ and ‘Pop’ feature are also quite heavily used for jazzing up regular JPEGs in to a new age composition for social media and personal album collections. You can view each of these effects with the LCD screen and adjust them accordingly.

With high-end connectivity and extremely convenient user controls, it is hardly a wonder that the D3300 series has emerged as a strong contender even giving a competition to higher end models for a variety of different brands.

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