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The Captivating Canon EOS Rebel T7i [REVIEW}

Canon EOS Rebel series of Canon DSLR Camera has strongly carved a niche of loyal users who have been in love with the features since day one. The launch of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i followed by the T6i range has quite literally restored the balance in the series yet again. The T7i is the digital SLR upgrade on the T6 series. The new model comes with the pre-existing lineup of features from the earlier model and adds a punch of its own with the added Dual Pixel AF sensors to elevate your A-game even further, if that is possible.

Design Elements
The T7 series is similar to the T6 in all of its core features. This includes the design elements. There is however, a slight change introduced with the new series for the rear controls. The rear control measurements now stand at 3.9 x5.2×3.0 inches. This digital SLR is only available in a black color option. The device currently means the main body of the camera. However, to reinforce the various setups you have a wide range of lens kit choices. The EF-Sseries of IS STM lenses in 18-55 mm of retractable and compact design can help you reinvent your Canon DSLR camera in to any type of setup, as you want. The new EF-S 4-5.6 is also smaller in design as compared to the 3.5-5.6 version.

Control Features
The front control options have been minimized with the lens release feature, a field preview feature, flash release button and the availability of an IR receiver for compatibility with any variation of optical remote. The left side of the hot shoe has been left button free while the top plate only features a single light indicator to signify when the camera Wi-Fi is n and receiving uninterrupted signals for the optical wireless remote

The right side of the hot Shoe has the built -in flash, which comes in the standard mode of dial system and pops up when in use.
The On/Off or video recording switch is also placed right by the side of the flash.
Right ahead of the flash lie the ISO, display and obviously the focus point selection button.
The control dial is also located right alongside of the panel of buttons and you can find the shutter release in this particular area.

The Viewfinder features
The Canon EOS Rebel series is unique in its use of the pentamirror viewfinder, which is much lighter than the glass pentaprism. While the pentaprism is still being used for the higher end pro models such as the 80D, the Rebel series are decidedly up on their quality image quotient while ensuring a lighter device.

The Canon Rebel series has always been a favorite for amateur photographers on the cusp of an upgrade and the T7i is definitely a step ahead in the right direction.

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