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Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Amateur Photographer in Your Life – 2017 Version

The biggest draw every holiday season is to plan for the perfect gift for each of your loved ones. Having a photography enthusiast in your list just means that you will be spoiled for choices when planning for a gift for them for any occasion. The trick is to know the wide range of cool options suitable for any photographer, amateur or pro, among your connections.

Neutral Density Filter
The neutral density filter for digital SLR is the ideal filter available for that amateur photographer looking to discover the range of long exposure compositions. The filter is an ideal gift for any occasion but the biggest draw is it is available at a very reasonable price. ND filters enhance the grey exposure to bring out the contrast of the colors and light in the composition.

5 in 1 Reflectors
Any photographer experimenting with portraiture would be delighted with the gift of a reflector kit. This 5-in1 pack has an added punch of versatility with a range spanning from translucent diffuser to black anti-reflectors as well. You can also find a soft gold and a soft silver variation for playing with the light and color correction for your compositions.

The Wireless Camera Remote offered by Amazon Basics
Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, having a wireless remote for your digital SLR camera allows complete flexibility during shoots. Since you can trigger the camera shutter without even being near the device, it just means lesser jostling and sharper image capturing every time. The fact that the remote from Amazon Basics is super affordable just ups its quotient as an amazing stocking stuffer.

Tiltpod – innovative camera stand
This tiny tripod can elevate your photography game by a huge notch. It is not a conventional tripod since it does not have three legs but it does attach directly to the camera strap. The camera is always ready to be mounted in just a few seconds for jostle free, clear composition setting. It is also an inexpensive product, which makes it a great choice as a gift for any occasion.

The 50x zoom
This one is probably an expensive gift choice, so reserve this for really special occasions. However, you have a wide range of options from Nikon, Canon and other digital SLR brands from which to choose. This is the transition digital SLR camera for amateurs to start perfecting their pro game with far away compositions.

You can add different combination gifts or build on a theme with the choices above. Simply set your budget and start browsing to pick the perfect photography gift today!

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